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Do Crocs Shrink in the Sun for Real? Get Facts Here!

Fact checked by Andrew Carnegie

do crocs shrink in the sun

Many users have claimed that an 86-degree Fahrenheit humid summer day can shrink Crocs a size down or more. You can see such anecdotal evidence shared on blogs and Reddit threads.

Yet, not all Crocs seem to have this same problem. Some people suspect that this is caused by an inconsistent formula of foam. So, did you happen to get defective shoes? Do Crocs shrink in the sun for real?

In short, yes, Crocs can shrink if exposed under harsh sunlight, especially when it’s hot outside.

Crocs Materials


The brand’s Classic Clog and other footwear product lines utilize a material called “Croslite”—the brand’s proprietary resin. It is what makes your Crocs great at absorbing shock and evening out the impact across your feet. On top of that, these easy-to-clean crocs can be worn for walking on dry surfaces or submerged in water.

Specifics about the “proprietary resin” and other chemicals that were potentially used are not listed in detail on the company’s website. While it may look like rubber, scientists believe that the Croslite is a type of synthetic polymer known as PEVA, essentially a plastic that underwent the process of “injection molding.”

Through this process, the solid PEVA would be melted to take the shape of the footwear’s mold. Meanwhile, introducing the gas into the plastic gives the clogs their cushion-like quality.

PEVA is nothing new, as it has been widely used to manufacture soles for decades. But going by the scientists’ claims, Crocs would be the first shoe company to make entire clogs out of PEVA.

How Long Does It Take to Shrink Crocs in the Sun?


Crocs shrink in sunlight and high temperatures when exposed for more or less half-an-hour. Therefore, the manufacturer also does not recommend putting the clogs under the sun, in the dryer, or using heating appliances to dry them after washing.

Rest assured that your clogs will not shrivel while you are wearing them. That’s because your feet are inside to maintain their shape, impeding them from contracting.

But while it’s easy to write it off as a flaw, Crocs shrinking in heat can also be advantageous to you if you got a pair that’s one or two sizes bigger. 

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Ways to Shrink Crocs

Are your Crocs too big? Below are four methods that you can try to alter the size.

But before you start, remember that the “Crocs Shrink Warranty” only applies if your clogs contracted when you left it in a hot car or outside your house. Modifying the size of your clogs on purpose can void the warranty.

Although it’s not that big of a risk, we recommend carrying out the strategies below only if you are certain about shrinking your shoes. If you have an old pair of Crocs, use it to test the methods below.

Method #1: Dip your Crocs in boiling water


Step 1: Pour water into a large pot and heat it. Once it reaches the boiling point, dip your clogs in it using a pair of tongs.

Depending on your Crocs size, you can fit only one clog or a portion of it. In this case, turn it around to get each side wet. Then, repeat the process to shrink the other one.

You should see results within 5 minutes of submerging each clog.

Step 2: Dry your Crocs and put them on to see if it fits well. If they still feel loose, dip them in hot water again.

Method #2: Let the dryer do the job for you


Earlier, we shared that Crocs discourage putting your clogs in a dryer to prevent shrinking. However, if this is your end goal, there’s nothing wrong with breaking this rule.

Here’s the one-step process that you can follow to reshape Crocs: Choose medium heat in the setting in your dryer and leave your clogs there for 10 minutes.

Method #3: Use a hair dryer

Another 10-minute one-step strategy to make Crocs smaller is to use a blow dryer on high-temperature settings, moving it up and down the clogs to ensure that the heat is applied evenly.

Method #4: Expose it to sunlight


Is the weather hot enough to shrink your clogs? Then it’s a good time to leave them there for 20 to 30 minutes without wearing them.

Get back to it to see if they diminish in size. If not, continue to leave the footwear under the sun for another half hour or so.

  • Note that the four approaches above expose the clogs to extreme heat, which can harm your skin. Hence, allow your shrunk Crocs to cool down before wearing them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Crocs shrink in the freezer?

No. As explained earlier, high heat causes Crocs to become smaller. Your clogs will not change in size under cool temperatures. In winter, however, consider wearing the brand’s line of fleeced clogs or boots for more comfort instead.

Can I expand my Crocs?

Yes! To unshrink Crocs, use any of the methods we shared. After that, put on your socks and wear them for a couple of minutes. Alternatively, insert a shoe stretcher to allow the material to expand.


Looking for the perfect-fitting Crocs is difficult since their sizes typically run bigger. Thankfully, Croslite becomes malleable when you apply heat, as shown in this article on “Do Crocs Shrink in the Sun?”

Conversely, don’t leave your clogs under the sun or use a blow dryer to remove the moisture after washing them, especially if you have no intention of shrinking them. If they get wet, just let them air dry.

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